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The two system of Inter Bank Transfer-RTGS and NEFT .Both these systems are maintained by Reserve Bank about India.Inter Bank Transfer enables electronic transmit from the account of the remitter in one Bank to the account about the beneficiary maintained with any other Bank branch.

The Real Time Beastly Settlement (RTGS)
The National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) systems.

RTGS-Real Time Gross Settlement -It is a system where the processing from funds transfer takes place at the time they received (Real Time) .And ditto the settlement regarding funds transfer instructions occurs individually on an instruction by edification basis (Gross Settlement).RTGS is the fastest possible interbank money transfer facility available through secure banking

NEFT – Federal Electronic Accumulation Transfer-This process of fund transfer operates on a Deferred Net Settlement basis. Accumulation transfer transactions are settled in batches .Presently, NEFT operates in hourly batches .Besides Personal Funds transfer , the NEFT system can also be used for a variety of transaction including payment of ascribe card dues to the tally issuing bank. It is necessary to quote the IFSC regarding the beneficiary card issuing bank to establish the bill payment transactions using NEFT.

Reserve Bank of India is the central banking institution of India which controls Indian rupee and all banks. It controls inter bank money transfer in all over India banks, through RTGS polysyndeton NEFT. Hold Bank of India is fully owned by government of India. IFSC Codes to all the Bank in India are provided apart RBI. IFSC canon is unique for each branch.

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