DNS Uptime, Backup Hosting, Website Monitoring Services, and Failover Support

The declare of DNS uptime is continually a topic that is ignored until something happens to your website. Although you set up your website, you are likely focused on the look regarding the site and the site’s content and SEO rankings. Downtime, however, is an stem that you should also take into consideration before the inescapable happens. You compulsion to ask yourself what you can do to ensure that your site experiences minimal website downtime. You need to ask yourself whether or nay your site is experienced of handling surges in traffic. You need to consider how you will handle downtime due to things such as gestalt errors or even natural disasters. On Condition That you haven’t put the following three measures into action, your site is more assailable to downtime than it should be.

1. Do You Have Backup Hosting in Place?

Whether you manage your DNS internally, give a shared hosting plan, or utilize dedicated hosting services, you need a backup hosting provider in place. If, for some reason, your primary host goes down, a secondary hosting provider will allow you to divert your traffic to a working version concerning your site. You just need to make sure your site’s settings are directed to the backup host’s IP address during the website outage.

2. Do You Have a Website Monitoring Liturgy in Place?

If you aren’t using a quality website monitoring service, you dash the dangerous of being the last to know when your site goes down. It’s impossible to keep an eye on your website uptime 24 hours a day, seven days a week on your own. This is why quality website monitoring is crucial to any online business. If your location goes down at one in the morning, your website monitoring service will contact you via phone and/or SMS text message to protect that you’re aware about the outage. You won’t have to wait until you’re up and at your computer to learn of the outage yourself.

3. Do You Have Failover Hinge in Place?

Do you know what you’ll do protasis your webstek does go down? What will happen if your webstek monitor contacts you at two in the morning, alerting you of a site outage? Notification of such an outage will do you no good if you don’t have failover support in place. With the square failover support in place, your website traffic can be diverted to another IP address. When your site is back up and running, your spot will be diverted back to your primary host. By ensuring proper failover support, you safeguard that your customers (and your profits) aren’t affected when your primary host goes down.

No matter which provider you choose for website hosting services, chances are that your position demise encounter downtime. How you handle that downtime and what you do to quell the damage will directly impact how your customers are affected and exactly how much money your site loses due to the outage. If you want to ensure the continuity of your site, you need to be stable you put the above measures into place before downtime occurs.