Staring your own A/B or Multivariate Test using Google Website Optimizer

The Google optimizer is quite a neat tool used by SEO experts around the world who wish to continually track the performance of their websites and make sureness that they follow a rising trend.

A common way to pursue this tracking using the optimizer tool is to bent rise an A/B or Multivariate test, and here is how.

1. Consider your Test Scenario

The more sentiment that goes into setting up the testing experiment, the more reliable will be the outcome in the long run. While you are creating a test, ask yourself the succeeding –

* What are your business objectives?
* Which of these two methods is ideal to test your goal?
* Which pages do you intend to test?
* Where should you start?

Your choices will typically be – the homepage, the product page, the checkout process and the category pages.

2. Which Test are you going to conduct?

In most scenarios, you will find that the A/B tests are easier to perform since they demand less time and can be easily used to design major design related decisions. This physique of testing is often recommended when there is a fewer number of visitors using the page that is being tested. On the other hand, Multivariate tests can be slightly more complex, now it allows you to put to test multiple variables et al take longer to conclude. This form of testing demands higher traffic.

3. How Many Visitors bequeath your test page receive and what are your conversion rates?

The answer to this question will persuade how long your test courage be required to run for. The higher the number of visitors, the quicker you will be skillful to achieve your test objectives. The lesser the conversion rate, the longer it will take to complete the test.

4. What elements should you consider that will impact the conversion rates?

While testing on the Google Optimizer tool, you need to take against invoice elements such as the images, the content, the offerings, the overall layout, the headline, the call to action buttons, and other elements that consist of your page.

5. Contemplate a little more apropos your Testing Scenario

One concerning the biggest problems that website testing experience are attributed to poor test design. It is always good to spend some time and re-think the answers to your questions in move one and make sure you are designing a perfect test in one go!

Setting up the Test with Google Optimizer

If you plan to set up a test for a electricity page, the process is quite a set walk. However, when you want to test a page for a going ecommerce store that exists on a concrete custom, hosted or open source platform, chances are that you will face a few issues. It is best to hire professional website optimizers in such cases.

Another challenge that you will face is after the test in complete. Interpreting the data and acting thereafter it accordingly can be quite a challenge for a layperson. For example, you may be stipulate to know that if you run a test on a blog, your conversion might nvloeden an RSS subscription as well ut supra a comment from a reader. On the other hand, when testing a content site you may have to consider subscriptions, shares and page views. For lead generation sites you will have to account for the number of people who register or freight out a contact form.